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Prefabricated Glass Block Panels

Fast Professional Installation for Interior and Exterior Walls. Quality… Versatility… Perfection. Custom Fabrication and shipping. Thin Line and Standard Glass Panels. All sizes of Glass Block Available: 4″x8″ -6″x6″ -6″x8″ -8″x8″. All Patterns Available. Perfabricated Glass Block Panels are now available…In STOCK! Our Prefabricated Panels are reinforced and constructed in white portland cement under ideal conditions; resulting in a strong panel with “perfectly” uniform joints. Why spend several days on the same job, fussing with loose block when you can purchase a prefabricated glass block panel and get professional and accurate application in half the time – EVERY TIME! Stock panels are available in four sizes: 24″x24″, 24″x32″, 24″x40″ and 24″x48″ and are assembled in 8x8x3 glass blocks. However, we will be happy to take custom orders for straight, stepped or curved glass block walls in any size or style of block you choose. For more information contact us

  • Prefabricated to Perfection
  • 4 Sizes in Stock
  • Flexible Design
  • Custom Prefabrication
  • Radius Walls ( Prefabricated)
  • Easy Installation
  • Immediate Delivery

The Popular wave glass block pattern.

The Privacy Ice glass block pattern.

The Clear glass block pattern.

The Ends, Double Ends & Corners.

Select colored glass blocks.

Other Glass Block patterns.

Everything you need to do a mortar / Cement install glass block.

Everything you need to do a Silicone Glass Block installation.