Aktis glass block comes in several different sizes to help create a window that fits perfectly into your opening or in your space.  The unique texture of diamond cuts creating a prism effect to allow the light from the exterior to bounce freely.  Creating the most privacy of the glass block options in the Thinline Series, the Aktis is one of a kind in not only the look for also in the quality of its texture.


About the Aktis Wave Pattern

Aktis features a calming diamond pattern design that provides an attractive appearance and extra visual privacy. The highly-reflective aspect of the block plays off of the geometric shapes that are carved into the design of this block.  The diamond patterned glass block is not only a favorite for maintaining privacy for those who crave it but also transmits minimal light for those extra bright locations.

With a smooth exterior surface for easy cleaning and maintenance for the homeowner.  It also allows a certain beauty into a space with an artistic appeal with the diamond and cross design for a pleasing aesthetic look for those who crave the texture for their space.


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