Alpha glass block is probably one of our favorites around here.  With the appearance of a clear see through finish like our Clarity design, but with a hint of character with the circle indent in the glass from the mold.

This particular pattern promotes maximum light and gives very little privacy.  If you are looking for privacy, this is not the pattern for you.  However, if you are more into a modern touch to your home with a retro vibe, this is a glass block pattern you don’t want to miss out on.

About the Alpha Pattern

As mentioned above about the dramatic effect the Alpha pattern leaves behind with its circular design while providing an attractive appearance without visual privacy. The highly-reflective,  glass block plays upon the passage of light with its minimal privacy that allows the light to flow fluently and naturally.

The smooth exterior surface for easy cleaning and maintenance for the homeowner.   Offering both functionality and artistic merit letting the light transmission elevate the inherent beauty of the Alpha pattern.


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