Clarity glass block is one of the most clearest glass block that is manufactured by Seves Glass Block.  With no obscurity to the glass, you are basically seeing through it like a window.  Which in turn allows the light transmission to be at its highest available.

Coming in several different sizes and with the Sahara Finish option.  If you are loving this modernized pattern but needing it to be more private the Sahara Finish is something we would recommend.  Allowing still maximum light transmission since there really isn’t a texture for adding more obscurity affects.  The Sahara Finish allows the light to turn from harsh to a soft glow finish.


About the Clarity Clear Pattern

The Clarity pattern features a transparent, see-through pattern that provides an attractive appearance and creates the perfect view, much like an actual window.  Encapsulating a rooms view, and creates dramatic light reflections allowing full light transmission without a single blemish to block an ounce of light from any room.

This modern transparent glass block offers a smooth exterior surface for easy cleaning and maintenance for the homeowner.  Allowing the flow of shiny glass exalt the natural light in its purest form from one room to another.  Coming in 4 different sizes this Clarity block is probably one of the most underrated glass blocks in its beauty.

What is most unique is the offer of the Sahara Finish in our 8x8x3 Clarity pattern.  The 1S meaning the frosted finishing only being on one side of the block, 2S meaning the frosted finish being on both sides can create a wonderful glow of light with a modern world touch.

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