Diamond DM

Diamond DM Glass Block pattern by Seves Glass Block is a cross between unique and a classic look.  With the consistent pattern of the diamond with a circle in the middle of the design, gives this block not only character but also a look for something a bit more eclectic vibe.  Which in turn helps provide maximum privacy while allowing incoming light to penetrate through to brighten up any space.

About Diamond DM

Diamond DM glass block is the most popular design because it works well in any design.  With the clear smooth surface for easy cleaning and maintenance this block is probably another beloved favorite amongst the glass block industry.  Now in a more modern design that previous diamond patterns this one fits the bill when it comes to updating your space.

Moderate privacy with moderate light transmission, this block is best used in those areas that you are wanting and needing the privacy and light.  With this particular pattern, the light that flows through will not only cast shadows and distort images, but the pattern itself will also give a nice aesthetic appeal.

For more information on our Diamond DM Glass Block by Seves Glass Block, contact our team today at Glass Block Warehouse.  We can go over all the different sizes that are available to make your project come to life.

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