Nubio Glass Block Pattern

Nubio Glass Block by Seves Glass Block™ is known all over the world for its timeless look and appearance.  With the smooth wavy texture that creates a calmness in a room can create a beautiful piece of art as well.  With a water like look, this glass block creates the slightest diversion with its wavy texture.  Allowing for maximum light to transfer and disperse from room to room.  Although the privacy level is said to be limited with this texture, it still packs a bold punch when it comes to the human eye.  Meaning, this limited privacy glass block, might be what you are looking for to brighten a darker location in your home.

Coming in various sizes, this glass block can help transform your home into a work of art if you allow it to and we are here to assist you in that project if you let us!


About the Nubio Wave Pattern

Nubio features intersecting random wave patterns that provides an attractive appearance and some visual privacy. The highly-reflective, undulated Wavy glass block plays upon the passage of light creating more of a distortion with light reflections.   Filtering rays of light throughout any space deforming it’s direction giving off shadows and irregular shapes.

Offering a smooth exterior surface for easy cleaning.  This classical wave glass block can create a calming mood effect in any room with it’s continuous passages of natural light that filters through from room to room.


For more information on our Nubio Glass Block, call us today at Glass Block Warehouse.  Where we would be more than happy to walk through your glass block project with you.

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