Nubio 4 Inch Premiere Series Glass Block by Seves Glass Block™ is based on the ever so classic wavy glass block that you see just about everywhere.  Giving you a relaxing feel with the dips and ripples of the glass, almost water like, creating a serene pleasant atmosphere.

Allowing subtle light transmission along with moderate obscurity, your choice in the Nubio patter can’t and will never be a wrong one.  These blocks are available in five different sizes with some shapes and different finishes to help create and make your space into something you love.


Coming in different sizes, shapes and finishing units:

Nubio – 12x12x4, 8x8x4, 6x8x4, 4x8x4, 6x6x4

  • End Block – 8x8x4
  • Double End Block – 8x8x4
  • Corner Rounded 8″
  • Corner 90 8″
  • Allbend 8″ (22.5 Degree Block)
  • Tridron 8″ (45 Degree Block)


For more information on our Nubio Pattern, shapes or finishing units please contact our team at Glass Block Warehouse today.  We would be more than happy to assist you in your next project!

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