Basic Metric Line

Basic Metric Line is our European 1919/8 glass block that is a beautiful high dimensional collection of patterns that will leave any customer wondering when glass block came back into style!  In this Basic Metric Line you have three choices you can choose from when it comes to glass block.  You have the clear glass, which is your basic glass block, then you have your Injected colors and our Colored Glass Block.

Basic Series Clear Glass Blocks

Were manufactured with a variety of different unique patterns that the customer can choose from.  If the customer loves texture, this one is for you.  Still committed to having the ever so popular wavy pattern as the leading lady with it’s shapes and finishing units.  This particular Series carries another one you don’t want to miss as well.  The Arctic patterns is a very underrated pattern in general.  Usually it is always the wavy pattern with a more ice pattern in tow when it comes to shapes and finishing units.  But not in the Basic Line, and it isn’t something you want to miss out on either.

Basic Series Color Glass Block

There are 7 exquisite colors that come in this line that are true colored glass blocks.  Meaning the glass is actually colored during the manufacturing process.  Unfortunately, these colors only come in the Wavy pattern, but since that is the classic pattern throughout the years of glass block it still packs a punch.  Especially when these colored glass blocks have finishing end units for those who want that colored glass wall in their home or shower.

Basic Series Injected Colored Glass Block

Having the color injected into the cavity of the glass block, this series is one that has bold, bright beautiful colors available.  Do take note, that they only come in one size and have no finishing units, but can be paired with any of the glass blocks in this Basic Line.  These Injected Colored Glass Blocks are not UV tested by the manufacture so they are only for interior usage.  However, don’t let that deter you on creating a gorgeous colorful masterpiece in your home.


For more information on our Basic Metric Line European 1919/8 glass block.  Contact our team today at Glass Block Warehouse where we can break this line down for you bit by bit!


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