Solid Glass Brick

Solid Glass Brick, is one way to get attention from anyone around.  The uniqueness in the glass being solid glass and having the ability to get some in color is always a neat way to start research on a project.  But trust me, each option here is it’s own character that will bring the highlight to any space.

Vetropieno Solid Bricks

The most anticipated brick of them all.  With the beauty of how light transfers from piece to piece is not only strikingly beautiful, but a stunning show stopper to say the least.

Coming in three colors, and two sizes.  This brick can transform the boring into the beauty that everyone will talk about.  Everyone wants this brick and it is known more and more every day.

Color options and sizes:

  • Vetropieno Clear – Rettangolare and Quadrado
  • Vetropieno Americano Clear  – standard brick sizing – Rettangolar and Quadrato
  • Vetropieno Blue – Rettangolar and Quadrato
  • Vetropieno Siena – Rettangolar and Quadrato


Vistabrik is one way to make sure your home or business is secure.  With it’s 3″ solid glass is known for it’s security purposes, but did you know this is also one of the most sought out after solid glass block around?

Coming in two patterns of Clear and Stipple, allowing the customer options of more privacy in spaces they may need it.  The stipple is almost like a rain glass.  The texture is on the outside of the block giving a subtle but beautiful cast of privacy while still allowing the glow of light to transfer through.  While the Clear, is completely clear allowing zero to no privacy but still packs a punch when it comes to safety and security where needed.

Sizes available:

  • Stipple – 8x8x3
  • Clear – 8x8x3, 6x8x3 and 4x8x3

For more information on our sold glass bricks, give out team a call at Glass Block Warehouse, where we would be more than happy to assist you.

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