Technology Line

Technology Line is our High Performance line glass block for those who need to meet special codes for specific projects.  If it is fire rated, high security, hurricane or tornado resistant, we got your back.



Coming in two distinct patterns of Clear and Stipple, you will have your choice between our Vistabrik for your project.  However, buyer beware.  Our 3″ thick solid glass Vistabrik only comes in select sizes in only one of these patterns.

The Clear Vistabrik comes in several sizes starting with the 8x8x3, 6x8x3 and 4x8x3.  Usually the smaller sizes are special order but we do have some in stock for those who need them for samples to get their project approved.  The Stipple finish, which is more of an textured finish on the face of the block.  Helps create more of an obscurity to any space for privacy.  This patterned Vistabrik is only available in 8x8x3 sizing.

When installing Vistabrik, you must follow the installation guidelines provided in the North American Guide.  These guidelines are specific for mortar application only and for Vistabrik in general.  The best bet is to give us a call to go over you specs or what you are trying to create so we can best direct you in the correct direction.

Energy Rated:

Pattern options between our Clarity pattern or the Nubio pattern give the best of both worlds when dealing with our Energy Glass Block.  With a .193 U-Value that is brought to the table that our other glass block options do not, can make your home a more energy efficient place when it comes to the glass block window of your dreams.

Fire Rated:

Fire Rated glass block by Seves Glass Block™ comes in two different thickset requirements.  Meaning, depending on the city codes you are working with, we have at least a 60 Minute or 90 Minute Fire Rated glass block that you can choose.  With that being said there are also a few different patterns to choose from.  But before pick a thickness or pattern, check with your county or city to see which codes they have set in place to make your option less stressful.


For more information on our Technology Line and High Performance Line, contact our team today at Glass Block Warehouse.

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