Imperial 3 Inch Thinline Series

Imperial 3 Inch Thinline Series serves multiple purposes and one of the highest sellers in glass block.  Being versatile it its usage, the Thinline Series doesn’t only compliment your space but also can bring a peace of mind to those who need to protect the privacy of you and your family.

Glass Block Warehouse, offers  several different patterns with minimum or maximum transparency levels, installation support and instructions to help put your items together if you purchase loose materials.

Our Thinline Series offers the following for all customers, DYI or contractors alike:

  • Configurations that are functional and stylish while easy to maintain and clean.
  • Privacy with design flexibility for those who have a room with limited light but wish to bring light in from another section of their home.
  • Make use of natural light from an exterior type application.


If you would like to hear about more glass block options and ideas for using out 3 Inch Thinline Glass Block, call our team today and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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