1919/8 Green

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1919/8 Green

The Green 1919/8 Wave glass blocks are part of the Seves Basic Line Soft Colors Collection. The Green 1919/8 Wave glass blocks are a bold, yet earthy tone of green glass block in the Basic Line’s Soft Color Collection. The Soft Color Collection offers a selection of 7 gentle tints of color, including; Azur, Pink, Green, Grey, Blue, Brown and Turquoise. The collection additionally offers a standard clear glass block. The collection comes in the popular wave glass design with a clear, Sahara 1-sided or Sahara 2-sided finish. Due to the soft colors available, the blocks add elegance and delicate light effects to any home or business.

About the Green 1919/8 Wave Glass Blocks

Firstly, Green is a earthy shade of green, therefore it is used well with a earthy theme, jungle theme, or green theme due to the complementary shading. The color of green allows the natural light to shine through causing it to transform into a sweet and leafy green hue. Secondly, the wave pattern features intersecting random wave patterns, which are perfect for playing with natural light. The wave pattern provides an attractive appearance and some privacy. The Green glass block has a smooth exterior surface for easy cleaning. The clear wave Green glass blocks do not offer matching finishing shapes, such as an end block or double end block, however the green glass block is a compliment to add beauty and flexibility in a wall design.

In conclusion, The Green 1919/8 Wave glass blocks are the perfect compliment to any home design. The soft color collection is in conformity with the highest manufacturer quality standards, can be combined with the other Basic Line glass blocks.

High Tech Options for the Soft Color Collection

The soft color collection promotes glass blocks that are Energy Efficiency, offers Self Cleaning properties, and Solar Reflecting. To learn more about these options, review the tabs for each one. This high tech collection is a great investment, because of the customization options and the benefits.

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Decorating Ideas with Green Glass Block

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Weight 5.10 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 8 × 8 in


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