4" Nubio

Intersecting random wave pattern, provides an attractive appearance and excellent privacy. Smooth exterior surface for easy cleaning. Matching designers shapes provide beauty and flexibility to create angles, curves or finished jambs and/or heads.

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The 4″ Nubio Glass Block is part of the Smart Home products from the Basic Line Collection. Smart Home solutions bring character, fluidity, and emotion to every environment. Designed for living, Smart Home helps people experience architecture through light, color, movement, and space. This glass block is one of the more popular glass blocks for basic home applications. Nubio is a wave pattern of glass block, which is arguably one of the most popular patterns on the market. Glass as a material is intrinsically bright, and its transparency naturally produces warm and welcoming environments. Glass block makes living spaces appear bigger, wider, and more airy. Transparent or translucent, bright or diffused, the natural light within and outside an environment affects the experience of place.

Features of 4″ Nubio Glass Block

First feature of the 4″ Nubio are the available sizes; 4 x 8 x 4″, 6 x 6 x 4″, 6 x 8 x 4″, or 8 x 8 x 4″. Secondly, the block offers finishes in Clear, Sahara 2 sides in a few patterns. The wave pattern is known for its light reflections. The block transposes a light into gorgeous, swimming geometric curves. The wave pattern compliments almost any design and offers some privacy. Glass block is a timeless product that offers light and aesthetics to any home. The actual size of the 4″ Nubio glass block is 7 3/4″ x 7 3/4″ x 3 7/8″. Click here to download the Declaration of Performance.

According to the Declaration of Performance, the 4″ Nubio glass block in clear offers 80% light transmission and solar energy characteristics. The Sahara one-sided finish is 71% and the Sahara two-sided is 61% light transmission. Furthermore, the one-sided offers 71%/79% solar energy characteristics and the two-sided is 70%. This glass block is intended for use in non-bearing construction applications.

About the Nubio Wave Pattern

First of all, Nubio features intersecting random wave patterns. This provides an attractive appearance and some visual privacy. The highly-reflective, undulated Wavy glass block plays upon the passage of light. Furthermore, it maintains privacy, and creates new geometries with light reflections. Lastly, the special internal formation of the block filters rays of light. Also, the block deforms the direction of light, changing profiles into mysterious shadows and irregular shapes.

In addition, the block offers a smooth exterior surface for easy cleaning. Furthermore, people experience architecture through light. This is because natural light affects visual perception, mood, and well-being. Additionally, the intrinsic properties of glass block sustain and exalt natural light in its purest form. Consequently, the blocks light transmission maintains its essence and elevates its inherent beauty. Today’s glass block unites aesthetic values with high-profile, performance techniques. As a result, by offering both functionality and artistic merit, glass block provides original solutions to innovative concepts and modern design projects. Lastly, energy saving, self-cleaning, and solar-reflecting technologies add value to architectural projects. This is due to their high-performance characteristics and sustainable building design. Therefore, glass block is more valuable then ever before.

Features of Smart Home Glass Blocks

The entire Smart Home Collection offers new technologies for self-cleaning, energy saving, and solar reflecting. Due to these technologies, homeowners are investing in a product that will be vibrant, smart and beautiful for many years.

Firstly, the self-cleaning technology reduces cleaning and maintenance costs associated with glass block installations. Also, invisible surface coatings contain hydrophilic properties that break down organic dirt and wash away rain water. This means the glass maintains a cleaner appearance over time.

Secondly, the manufacturer has patented ‘Energy Saving’ technology. As a result, allow Glass Block Warehouse to introduce low-emissivity glass plates and pressure controlled argon gas. The plates are inserted between the glass faces to interrupt the thermal bridge, and argon gas is injected to reduce a block’s thermal transmittance to U=1.1 W/m2 K. Additionally, homeowners enjoy saving energy and protecting the environment with 4″ Nubio glass block.

Lastly, solar-reflecting glass block is made with protective cover films for applications. Due to the films protection against UV radiation. For that reason, the block’s reduce overheating in the summer. Like most solar conscious windows, glass block installations will further protect interior decor.

In conclusion, the new technologies make buying glass block an even better investment for years to come. In addition to technologies for a better glass block experience, they never go out of style and offer timeless beauty in any installation.

Design Ideas for Nubio Glass Block

Wave glass block is the most popular design because it works well in any environment. First of all, the block is available in clear, in color and with sandblasted finishes. Due to the patterns complimentary design, homeowners find glass block to be very soothing. Secondly, glass block is a structurally sound product. Consequently, it is a product that when installed correctly, offers many years of aesthetic pleasure and purpose to a home. Lastly, designing with glass block is fun. This is because homeowners play with colors, shapes and sizes to create the perfect look.

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4 x 8 x 4", 6 x 6 x 4", 6 x 8 x 4", 8 x 8 x 4", 12 x 12 x 4"


Clear, Sahara 1 side, Sahara 2 sides

Other Sizes Available

8" Corner Round, 8" Corner Sharp, 8" Double End, 8" End Block, 4 x 8" Allbend

The Popular wave glass block pattern.

The Privacy Ice glass block pattern.

The Clear glass block pattern.

The Ends, Double Ends & Corners.

Select colored glass blocks.

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