8x8x3 Clarity

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8x8x3 Clarity

8x8x3 Clarity

8x8x3 Clarity Glass Block by Seves Glass Block™ is one of the more popular glass blocks for basic home applications.  Clarity is a transparent pattern of glass block, which is often used for a dramatic effect with a modern look and touch to your space.  Already using an intrinsically bright material.  The transparency naturally produces warm and welcoming environments while bringing a unique look to your home.  Giving your living space a bigger appearance and a more airy feel.


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Design Ideas for Clarity Glass Block

Clear glass block is a popular design because it works well in many designs.  The Clarity block is clear with options of a one or a two-sided Sahara finish leaving your pattern options to be limitless.  Not only do they work well together but they also work well with other textured patterns if you are needing more privacy in a part of your wall or window but wanting to allow the maximum light through the other portion of your wall or window.

Additional information

Weight 5.30 lbs
Dimensions 3.125 × 8 × 8 in


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