Pegasus Metallizzato Curved Terminal

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To complete the Pegasus Metallised collection, Seves glassblock created a series of special pieces for those wishing to finish their “all glass” walls without compromising on design, creativity and elegance. These special terminal and angular glass blocks are made with the same technical and aesthetic characteristics that set the Pegasus glass block apart from the rest.

With its fluid and alluring shape, the Pegasus Metallised Curved Terminal glass block elegantly completes the angular joints of “feathered” walls, increasing the design possibilities and aesthetic value of each project. And all without the use of additional materials (cement, plastic, wood or aluminum) for absolute harmony and easy installation.

The clear version of the curved terminal block completes the glass structure and adds emphasis to the luminosity and brilliance of light as it hits the transparent glass block.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.13 × 7.5 in