Doric Q19

Glass Block Warehouse offers 3 options in Doric Q30 Glass Block.  The Nuetro, the Satin, and the Metallised. These Blocks are larger, approximately 12 in (11.811 inches) x 12 in (11.811 inches) x 3.15 in.  (30CMx30CMx8CM).

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Doric is an extremely original glass block. For the first time, in fact, glass design has become three-dimensional showing in relief the motif of the famous columns of the Greek temples.

The innovative Dorico block made to measure for the architect Rafael Moneo, is finally available in the size 19x19x8 cm
.This solution makes it suitable for use within residential buildings and small spaces, offering the possibility to create visual designs and special effects for any kind of project.

In this way, Seves Glassblock has created the most innovative of blocks: a tailor made solution available to everyone. A product that retains the technological and aesthetic quality of the original model, but with the standard dimensions of the traditional range.

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Weight 7.05 lbs
Dimensions 7.48 × 3.15 × 7.48 in

Doric Metallised, Doric Neutro, Doric Two-sided Satin

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