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Seves glassblock presents the innovative technology “ENERGY SAVING” that reduces the thermal transmittance of the classic glass block up to 50%, making it possible to create architectural façades made entirely of glass blocks that promote the conservation of energy and safeguard the environment.

Patented by Seves, ENERGY SAVING effectively reduces the thermal transmittance of the glass block up to 50%, with the introduction of a low-emissivity glass plate and pressure controlled argon gas. The glass plate is inserted between the glass block halves to interrupt the thermal bridge, while the argon gas is added to reduce the thermal transmission caused by convective motion.

The result is a classic glass block, like the famous Pegasus 19x19x8cm, that can reach a thermal transmittance value of U=1.5 W/m² K.

Attentive to the new themes regarding the conservation of energy and to the need to find a more efficient use of natural resources and renewable energy, Seves glassblock developed the ES technology which effectively reduces the expenditure of energy through glass blocks, thus improving their energy efficiency.

ENERGY SAVING glass blocks have been subjected to the following laboratory tests in addition to the standard tests required to obtain CE certification in accordance with norm UNI EN 1051-2:

  • Resistance to compression along the side of the block according to the EN 1051/1 2005 standards;
  • Resistance to thermal shock according to the EN 1051/2 2008 standards;
  • Evaluation of the solar characteristics, according to the EN 410 2000 standards;
  • Calculation of the U-value according to the EN 673 2005 standards;
  • Sound insulation according to the EN 7117/1 2007 standards.

All values are certified by international laboratories, a copy of the relative certification can be requested through Seves’s technical service department.

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