Imperial 60 Minute Fire Rated Glass Block

The Imperial 60 Minute Fire Rated Glass Block is also known as the THICKSET® 60. The 60 minute fire rated blocks feature three popular glass block patterns; Nubio, Clarity, and Spray. They are designed to meet the code for homes that require 60 minute fire rated windows.

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The 60 Minute Fire rated glass block, also known as the THICKSET® 60, is a thicker-faced glass block that provide all the traditional benefits of a standard blocks. Additionally, THICKSET® 60 glass  blocks offer a 60-minute fire rating. THICKSET® 60 Block is classified by UL® for use as 45-minutes or 60-minute rated window assemblies. THICKSET® 60 is available in NUBIO®, CLARITY®, and SPRAY® glass block patterns, in the 8″ x 8″ x4″ size. The nominal face thickness for 60-minute fire rated glass block is 0.375″, whereas the standard, non-fire resistant glass block is 0.125″. The fire rated blocks also offer some sound proofing, with the sound transmission class (S.T.C) at 48.  Check out this graph to learn more about the S.T.C. ratings of 60 minute fire resistant glass block

Application of 60 Minute Fire Rated Glass Block

Fire Rated Glass Blocks are used in a variety of projects. Such projects include:

  • Residential Projects
  • Institutions
  • Commercial Buildings

Commonly, 60 minute fire resistant glass blocks are found in Multi-Unit Housing structures, within stairwells, limited or zero lot line properties and communities, corridors and other areas requiring the use of Fire Rated installations.

Glass Block for Fire Protection

Superior fire resistant glass blocks are manufactured through a simple, yet exacting process. The process is designed to maintain the highest quality standards on the market. The standard materials in a typical unit of glass block offer transparency, which allows the block to emit generous amounts of natural or borrowed light. At the same time, each glass block provides varying levels of energy efficiency, sound control, security, and visual texture. Lastly, glass block provides a unique combination of privacy and light transmission to make any home more appealing.

An extremely important feature of THICKSET® 60 Glass Block, critical to safe building design, is the products inherent fire-resistance properties. By varying the face thickness of the product, as well as conforming to installation specifications, fire rated glass block is able to offer products approved and rated according to Underwriters Laboratory (U.L.®) Standards.

At Glass Block Warehouse, fire rated glass blocks are available in 60-minute and 90-minute ratings for window assemblies. In addition, these products can be specified in 3 different patterns (per the fire rated block chosen), in the 8x8x4 standard glass block size.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 × 3.87 × 7.75 in

8 x 8 x 4"

Glass Design

Nubio, Spray, Clarity

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