Pegasus Q19 Aquamarine Liquidation

Glass Block Warehouse has a large selection of colors available within the Pegasus Collection.  The Q19 Pegasus glass blocks are 19x19x8 cm (7.5×7.5×3.12 in). Choose between transparent, one-sided satin or two-sided satin finishes.

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Pegasus Q19 Aquamarine is a high-end glass block created to communicate with the world of Design and Architecture. Pegasus glass blocks have unique external edges (called “wings”) which measure 6 mm. These “wings” are the result of a specific production process. Furthermore, the wings provide two important structural functions:

  • Reduce the grouting to a mere 2 mm, therefore eliminating the optical perception of joints;
  • Hide the load-bearing elements within the hollow recesses between the blocks. Therefore, the result is a continuous “all glass” wall that emits brightness and light in all environments.

About the Pegasus Collection

The Pegasus collection is comprised of over 200 glass blocks in a variegated range of colors, shapes, glass designs and finishes for every need and aesthetic taste. Due to the many options available, the Pegasus Q19 Aquamarine ideal for interior and exterior applications as well as stylish and creative architectural designs. In addition, Pegasus glass blocks unite light and glass to become protagonists of space.

Design with the Pegasus Q19 Aquamarine and other Q19 Colors

There are many great ways to use Pegasus Q19 Aquamarine in a design. Furthermore, there are many other colors in the collection, from the classic clear version to a rich chromatic range of 6 pastel shades. In addition, the Pegasus glass block facilitates the creation of multi-colored walls for desired emphasis and decorative effects.

Pegasus Q19 Aquamarine Finishes

The Pegasus Q19 Aquamarine wavy glass design plays upon the passage of light, maintaining privacy and creating new geometries with the light reflections. The special internal formation of the glass block filters rays of light, deforming their directions and changing their profiles into mysterious shadows and irregular shapes.

The Pegasus Q19 Aquamarine satin finish on two sides renders the glass block completely opaque. This makes it perfect for intimate settings, alcoves of privacy, and environments that require diffused light. In addition, satin finishes are in demand due to their added privacy qualities. The frosted finish adds a unique look to any project and, as a result, it is a great alternative to the less private, yet brighter non satin finishes.

Download the Pegasus Q19 Aquamarine Declaration of Performance

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.13 × 7.5 in
Glass Design

Wavy, Smooth


Transparent, One Side Satin, Two Sides Satin

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