ProVantage Redi 2 Bond/Seves Glass Block Sealant

10.3 fl oz Glass Block Sealant for Mortarless Glass Block Installations.  This product used to be call ProVantage Redi 2 Bond Sealant, not labeled “Seves Glass Block Sealant.”


ProVantage I Glass Block Installation Perimeter Channel Construction The ProVantage® Glass Block Installation System is the easiest way to install Seves Glass Block 4-in Series (4″ thick) Glass Block, and get professional results. There are two ways to install glass block with the ProVantage Redi 2 Bond Glass Block Installation System; the ProVantage I Installation and the ProVantage II Installation.

** Recommended Tools required for installing the glass block are a utility knife, screwdriver, 2-foot level, tape measure, caulk gun, rubber mallet, electric drill, fine tooth saw, spoon shaped finishing tool and razor blade.


The ProVantage Glass Block Installation uses the following supplies:

ProVantage® I Installation also requires:

ProVantage® II Installation also requires:ProVantage II Glass Block Installation Perimeter Channel Construction

To learn more about using these installation methods, check out the ProVantage Silicone Glass Block Installation Guide.

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Weight 1 lbs


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