8x8x4 Alpha

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8x8x4 Alpha

8x8x4 Alpha

8x8x4 Alpha glass block by Seves Glass Block™ is a unique pattern that is translucent, much like the Clarity pattern but has a circle stamped in the middle.  Bringing on the next level of class and sophistication, this Alpha pattern is one to not over look when it comes to your space and creating a look you never want to forget.  The transparent glass block gives off full light transmission, allowing the natural light to flow freely from outdoors to in or from one room to another while giving little to no privacy.


Looking for a different pattern? Click here to view other 4 inch Premiere Series Glass Block!


For more information on our Alpha glass block pattern, contact our team today at Glass Block Warehouse today.

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Weight 5.70 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 8 × 8 in


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